The doctors said that in some cases, beneficial cucumber


Врачи рассказали, в каких случаях полезны огурцы Named 8 the most important useful properties.

Who doesn’t like in the hot summer time to eat a juicy, delicious vegetable – the cucumber? And all consider it an indispensable product in different salads, but still, quite banal and simple. Is it really so? Really simple vegetable on what is no longer “can” but to give a taste of the salad? Of course not.

Cucumbers – this is a big Luggage of vitamins and useful elements. Vegetable is not only good food ingredient of any salad, but a great and orderly body. And cucumber is used in cosmetics and released on the basis of the cucumber a lot of raw materials of cosmetics.

A bit of history. Few people know that the birthplace of cultivated cucumber (eng. Cucumber) is South-East Asia. In Ukraine, the cucumber came from Byzantium and immediately fell in love with its taste and simplicity of growing.

The beneficial properties of vegetable
The vegetable belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae plants. The family is characterized by the presence in its composition of a large number of carotene and various b vitamins and C, So These natural properties and Cucumber. What is the use of cucumber?

In the composition of cucumber is 95% water and 5% vitamins and minerals. The vitamins in cucumbers is represented by group b, C and e, provitamin a and minerals — calcium, iron and magnesium. A lot of it, alkaline salts, especially potassium and iodine. In cucumber its chemical composition indicates that the vegetable is low in calories. The calorie is – 14 K/calories. So cucumbers for weight loss you can apply it all. Consumption promotes not only weight loss but also the acceleration of metabolic processes.

The water in the cucumbers are full of potassium, so with food poisoning this mineral element removes excess fluid and toxins from the human body.

Benefits of cucumber are obvious in diseases of the joints, as a provider of calcium in the body.

Very effective use of fresh cucumbers with pancreatitis because they are easily absorbed in the body without the use of pancreatic enzymes. During the consumption of vegetable pancreas is resting.

The beneficial properties of cucumber provide a good performance of the entire gastrointestinal tract: potassium salts stimulate and cleanse the intestines, reduce the acidity of the stomach. Cucumber containing vitamins are useful for people with cardiovascular diseases.

Can be treated with cucumber with thyroid disease because the vegetable contains a lot of iodine in the natural state it is easily absorbed.

Cucumbers for expectant mothers
Cucumber during pregnancy: whether they are in the first power lists for moms-to-be? Can they be used with the onset of summer and the heat, when pregnant women really want to drink a lot of water? Cucumbers and a large percentage of water saved the woman from dehydration and prevent obesity, lead to normal blood pressure. Vitamins increase the resistance of pregnant women to infections and contribute to the full development of the fetus.

Almost every pregnant woman faces during an interesting situation with a problem like constipation. It is the cucumbers is able to solve efficiently, because the presence of large amounts of dietary fiber ensures that the colon cleanse.

Expectant mother during pregnancy can become ill with the flu, and antipyretic drugs are contraindicated! In this case, comes to the aid of a reliable assistant and friend, the cucumber. The vegetable is a good antipyretic and analgesic.

Cucumber – a great diuretic natural medicine, which can fight swelling.

Long known addicted pregnant women to salt the cucumbers. In many films show how the woman in the family way eats up almost a jar of pickles. Of course, this can not be done. You can pamper yourself, but as they say, wisely and in moderation.

But, an important tip! If a pregnant woman after eating cucumbers felt on the skin itching, there are also strictly prohibited. Itching is a sign of allergies, which can cause a vegetable.

Cucumber in cosmetics
Cucumber and its beneficial properties were noticed by the therapists. Scientists studying the composition of the vitamins contained in the cucumber, came to the conclusion that the cucumber for the face is a panacea for all ills. Juice overcapacity purification, freshening and lightening the skin. Based on the juice the cosmetology industry began to produce cucumber lotion, a variety of tonics and masks.

Cosmetics perfectly tighten the skin, eliminate wrinkles and lines, acne and freckles.

Important advice for all women! Every summer, as soon as cucumbers, it is necessary to do facial masks with oily skin.

Facial dry skin can make the lotion, which is prepared as follows:

Grate 1 Cup of fresh cucumbers.

Pour 200 ml of vodka, the mixture insist 2 weeks.

At the expiration of the term, strain and be diluted with boiled water — 50/50.

Add 1 teaspoon of glycerin.

Sensitive issue and cucumber
The cucumbers at the proctological problems? Often asked about patients who suffer from this disease as hemorrhoids. For this reason, there are many opinions. Cucumber from hemorrhoids, according to renowned and practicing doctor Popov, — the first means. The introduction of fresh plucked from the garden and unwashed cucumber in the anus for a few sessions to completely eradicate the problem. But in this theory many opponents, as evidence of cure, it does not have. Use cucumber as a candle cannot and even traumatic. But eating pickles hemorrhoids, because they are a good prevention of constipation.

Who can not eat cucumbers?
The dilemma of “Cucumber: the benefits and harms to the body” resolved by the doctors thoroughly. Despite the fact that the benefits of cucumbers for the body is huge, there are still downsides to their use:

Not recommended their use during exacerbation of gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers, acute and chronic gastritis, enterocolitis.

It should refrain from their use for serious diseases of kidneys, adrenals and kidney stones.

Not eat pickles with obesity, because they stimulate the appetite.

Also, if a child is sick with measles, you can receive fresh cucumber juice, which cleanses the body and removes toxins. But to give a sick child pickles in no event it is impossible, because they irritate the throat and stomach, are bad for the liver and kidneys.

That use cucumbers for a human body is obvious, it has long been proved. In all countries of the world grown this useful vegetable, which is able to provide the body with essential vitamins, trace elements and organic substances to heal, rejuvenate and prolong his life!


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