The doctors said that happens to the brain when alcohol


Медики рассказали, что происходит с мозгом при употреблении алкоголяScientists say that alcohol is the most harmful drug that causes horrible addiction and severe changes in the human body.

Alcoholic drinks are much more affordable than any other drugs, like heroin. So people have more opportunities to use it.

In modern society, none of the solemn or sad event is complete without alcohol. So that there is an event, people mostly believe that the only way to relax after work is to drink wine, a few liters of beer or a couple shots of strong alcohol.

What physicians think about the impact of alcohol on the human brain?

First and foremost it should be noted that alcoholic drinks contribute to the narrowing of blood vessels not only in the brain but throughout the body. Accordingly, when the narrowing of blood vessels blood pressure rises sharply, and the cells and tissues no longer receive the required dose of oxygen, due to which we live. This happens because the red blood cells begin to stick together among themselves and thereby clog small capillaries.

This whole process causes hypoxia of the brain or in simple words – oxygen starvation of the cells, and therefore killing brain neurons that go from the body with urine. Thus, the more a person drinks alcohol, the greater the number of neurons in the brain, he will lose.

The worst thing is that when alcohol is in the background of hypoxic edema of the brain, which can lead to serious violations of cognitive abilities, loss and memory impairment in General intellectual impairment. In fact, so people who regularly consume alcohol, risking to completely degrade in the truest sense of the word and lose the meaning of life.

We will remind, earlier Chronicle.Info talked about the fact that alcohol damages the cells DNA it was proven by scientists who performed the study on mice.


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