The doctors reveal unexpected properties of partitions from walnuts


Медики раскрыли неожиданные свойства перегородок от грецких ореховAccording to experts, they can be used to treat headaches and other serious diseases.

Doctors claim that the walnut contains many nutrients that help prevent diseases, particularly ailments due to lack of iodine in the body.

Those who have problems with the thyroid gland should pay attention to the walls nuts.

We offer you a tincture of partitions walnuts for pain in the joints, headaches, nervousness, and insomnia. Moreover, it can be used for the treatment of wounds and minor cuts.

Recipe of tincture partitions walnuts

Медики раскрыли неожиданные свойства перегородок от грецких орехов

You will need:

– 2 tbsp partitions
– vodka.


1. Place partitions from walnuts in a sealable vessel made of dark glass.
2. Pour the contents of the amount of vodka so that the fluid entirely covered the walls.
3. Close the jar and steep the infusion for 2 weeks in a dark place.
4. Strain and drink as needed.

You can 5-6 drops of tincture diluted in 2 tbsp of boiling water and drink once a day before meals for 3 weeks.


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