The doctors outlined the main symptoms of various types of bone cancer


Медики назвали основные симптомы различных видов рака костейOncologists told everything you need to know about bone cancer.

Malignant tumors can develop in the bones of the skeleton, and may be a consequence of cancer of other organs and systems.

There are six types of bone cancer:

Giant cell tumor. This type of bone cancer affects the limbs, mostly lower. More than other giant cell tumors vulnerable young people aged 20 to 40 years. The tumor can be both malignant and benign, but almost never metastasizes. The only caveat, after removal of the tumor it after some time may grow again in the same or another place.

Osteosarcoma. This is the most common form of bone cancer that affects children and adults aged 10 to 30 years. A malignant tumor develops from bone cells.

Fibrosarcoma. Form of bone cancer that occurs most often in soft tissues, but can sometimes be diagnosed in the jaw or the bones of the hands and feet.

Ewing’s Sarcoma. Doctors call this disease a diffuse endothelioma. The tumor is localized most often in the pelvis, ribs, hands or shoulders.

Chondrosarcoma. Since cancer affects the cartilage, this type of cancer is bone cancer called cartilage. Occurs less frequently than osteosarcoma.

Fibrous histiocytoma. Usually the tumor develops in the soft tissues such as muscles or tendons. It is sometimes diagnosed in the bones of the lower extremities, but it is a very rare case.

Symptoms of all types of cancer include:

– pain in joints and bones;

– swelling of the localized tumor;

– frequent fractures;

– the General symptoms of cancer, such as: fatigue, rapid weight loss, anemia and so on.

With the appearance of characteristic signs of bone cancer are urgently required to be examined in a medical facility, because the sooner you get diagnosed, the sooner the patient will begin to undergo treatment, and therefore will get more chances of speedy recovery.


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