The doctors: green leafy vegetables can be saved from glaucoma


Медики: зеленые листовые овощи могут спасти от глаукомы

Nitrates and green leafy vegetables reduce the risk of primary open-angle glaucoma, said the scientists from Harvard medical school.

They found that increased intake of nitrates improves the blood flow in the eyes. In the study on a voluntary basis participated 63893 41094 women and men who did not suffer from glaucoma in the past two years.

Scientists divided the participants into five groups according to the amount of consumed nitrate. During follow-up glaucoma was detected 1483 volunteers. Least likely from an illness suffered in the group who consumed a large amount of green leafy vegetables and nitrates. The probability of glaucoma was reduced by 20-30%.

Besides, these actors have a risk of glaucoma subtype, known as early paracentral scotoma that was 40-50% lower. This condition is associated with impaired regulation of blood flow. Scientists emphasize the need for further research in this area.


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