The doctors found out what desserts restore nerve cells


Медики выяснили, какие десерты восстанавливают нервные клеткиThis property of cocoa opened recently.

American scientists have concluded that cocoa can be good for health, so it should be consumed as a beverage, and desserts.

Recent studies have shown that cocoa can be good for your health and there are its properties which were not previously known to science. So, the researchers say that the most important property of cocoa is the ability to affect nerve cells. This property has recently become known to science. It turned out that chocolate has a positive effect on the human psyche, affect the nervous system, helping nerve cells to regenerate and improves neural connections in the brain that are destroyed as a result of stress.

Scientists say that the use of cocoa undoubted, but it is also important to understand that the use of this drink may have a negative impact on the body if you drink it in large quantities, because in addition to antioxidants and minerals the drink also contains calories, which can affect the human figure, contributing to weight gain.

Therefore, researchers say about that. that cocoa should not be consumed with sugar. The combination of these products can negatively affect not only the figure but also on the human eye. This combination leads to the fact that the human eye can be broken and fall.

In addition, the contained zinc and selenium improves the secretion of endorphins and improve the mood of the person. Cocoa can be drunk to those who are forced to abandon the use of coffee as it is the same delicious, but not caffeine.


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