The doctors explained why you should sleep in a cool room


Медики объяснили, почему надо спать в прохладной комнатеScientists have determined that sleep at cool temperatures has a positive effect on the body and improves metabolism.

Researchers from the National Institute of health, USA has found that you can increase the level of brown fat in the body, if your room is a cool temperature.

In our body there are two types of fat: white and brown. White is the normal body fat. But brown allows the generation of heat.

In the study, researchers watched five healthy participants over four months who slept under conditions of controlled temperature. Also recorded how much they consumed calories.

During the first month while you sleep maintained a neutral temperature of 24°C. In the following month it was lowered to 19°C and again increased to neutral. And in the last month the temperature was raised to 27°C.

As researchers found, cool the temperature significantly influenced the body. After only a month of sleeping in a cool room deposits of brown body fat of participants has almost doubled. At the same time it improved their sensitivity to insulin (reduced insulin sensitivity, the risk of developing diabetes).

In addition, this month, the participants burned more calories during the day. But as soon as they got back to bed at elevated temperature, all the indicators brown adipose tissue back to the same level as before the experiment.


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