The doctors explained why you should eat avocado every day


One of the most useful products.

Eating 1 avocado a day improves concentration and attention in adults. This was stated by scientists from the University of Illinois (USA), reports the with reference to Browser.

Avocado is rich in lutein, a natural food compound with the properties of antioxidants, which is associated with improved cognitive abilities. And while the benefits of consumption are already known to children and the elderly, no studies have examined the impact on health middle-aged group.

“Earlier it became known that people who are overweight or obese are at greater risk of deterioration of cognitive abilities and dementia. It was therefore interesting to test whether the dietary approaches to nutrition to help in this situation, especially in middle age,” explains Naiman Khan, coordinator of the study and a Professor of kinesiology and public health.

Within 12 weeks scientists provide meals to selected participants (84 men) who were obese or overweight. The food was the same, in terms of calories and macronutrients content, but one group received 1 fresh avocado daily, while in the control group it was not.

The researchers found that daily consumption of avocado has improved the results in one of the cognitive tests, namely the ability to stay focused, even being exposed to some distraction. However, in the other two types of tests improvement was observed.

Nutrients avocado a peculiar effect on the brain, contributing to the performance of a specific task. However, they can be useful for certain kinds of cognitive abilities than others. There’s also the possibility that a more prolonged study or other tests will be able to see other effects,” says Khan.

In addition, avocado contains high amount of fiber and monounsaturated fats, which could also play a role in the observed cognitive effects. Most likely, future research will be based on these nutrients or how avocados affect the weight, inflammation and potential changes of the intestinal microbiota.


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