The doctors explained why there is snoring


Врачи объяснили, почему возникает храп Sets out seven main reasons for unpleasant phenomena.

It is very important to sleep as much as you need and every day so snoring can be a serious cause of undermining the health of the adjacent. Should put a lot of effort to eliminate it.

1. Wrong position
People who sleep on the back tend to snore more often than those who sleep on their side or stomach. All the matter in the wrong and uncomfortable for the neck position, it can not relax and obstructs the air passage in the respiratory tract. Therefore, even without unlocking, you can get rid of your snoring neighbor in the bed, simply turning him on his side.

2. Allergy
Allergies can be the cause of a “jam”, because of which a person snoring. It blocks the Airways and the throat makes these weird sounds. Many have allergies that lead to some of the secretions in the throat and sinuses. Need to treat these areas.

In addition, if you have the risk of allergies while you sleep keep your Windows closed. This way you save yourself from dust and other allergens that are just waiting to spoil your partners sleep.

3. Overweight
Overweight and snoring go hand in hand. Who knew that pushing your beloved to the gym you will forever save him from the possibility of snoring. Poor muscle tone and fatty tissue, especially in the neck, squeeze the throat and prevent air silently exit and enter. Start a diet or engage in active sports.

4. Smoking
Smokers have more problems with snoring than non-smokers. Everything happens because of damage to the respiratory tract, which is inevitable when Smoking. Quitting Smoking you not only restore your health but save others from “pleasure” to listen to your night roulades!

5. Medications
Antidepressants as sleeping pills and alcohol, can cause snoring at night, because they relax the throat muscles. Covering the breathing tube they prevent the movement of air, thereby causing these sounds. Girls who suffer from his snoring, try to sleep more naturally!

6. Downed sleep mode
Studies have shown that most people snore, those who have no clear mode of the day and sleep. Those rises and falls are usually one and the same time and sleep well – the problems with this case have not. Try to still stick to at least some sleep, so you most likely will get rid of snore.

7. All sorts of devices
If still nothing helps, refer this problem to a doctor or to a pharmacy and ask for special devices to combat snoring. They have a huge amount in the specialized market.

And all of them are set to prevent relaxation of muscles, which in turn interfere with the free breathing during sleep.


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