The doctors explained why there is cellulite


Врачи объяснили, почему возникает целлюлит Cellulite is the actual problem for most women.

In our time, in the opinion of experienced beauticians and nutritionists, about 90% of women suffer from “orange peel” in the most seductive parts of your body – belly, buttocks.

Later cellulite, which affects not 10% of happy women will be visible have a sweet tooth, and legs, and hands, and even face. To prevent this evil enemy of female beauty and happiness, you must know the main causes of cellulite. Take a closer look.

An improper diet. Cellulite in the section represents subcutaneous fat which increases its size due to the abundance of complex and simple carbohydrates and unsplit fats. So desperate and incorrigible fans of confectionery masterpieces, fragrant pastries, baked goods and, of course, spicy, fried, fatty foods, smoked delicacies, getting instant pleasure from food, suffer from adversely affecting the look and mood of “orange peel”.

To remove this flaw will help balanced nutrition: every meal must consist of 60% fresh fruits, berries (glucose, but not sugar!) and vegetables (simple carbohydrates), and cereals (complex carbohydrates), 20% muscle strengthening and musculoskeletal vegetable protein foods (nuts, seeds, beans) and animal origin (meat, fish, poultry, dairy products) and only 10% from fat. By the way, in this case when cooking it is advisable to abandon seasonings, primarily from the salt, which retains fluid in the body, causing swelling, breaking the circulation, in violation of water-salt metabolism, which contributes to the formation of blood clots.

Hormonal imbalance. Doctors say cases where the patient is leading a healthy lifestyle (including proper balanced diet), suffer from cellulite. The fact that the human metabolism has been produced to regulate his hormones, respectively, with an excess or deficiency of a hormone is a violation of metabolism and blood flow in the vessels of adipose tissue and venous oxygen deficiency, etc. In the event of such symptoms, you must consult your doctor.

A sedentary lifestyle. Physical inactivity, i.e. sedentary work, passive recreation and a sedentary lifestyle doesn’t allow for use of energy obtained by the breakdown of food. Therefore, the excess energy transformirovalsya in body fat. To prevent cellulite, fat blockage in blood vessels, thrombophlebitis, it is necessary to organize and moderate regular physical activity: moving dancing, fitness, various sports, including running and swimming, work in the garden, etc.

Stressful situation. Most people suffering from obesity are recognized, in the frantic pace of life in the pursuit of success, the endless routine of problems and worries only joy is food, which helps to overcome any mental disorder and depression. Although today you can find numerous ways for relaxation: dancing, camping, massage, etc., which will allow you to restore the dream and ideal weight.

The hereditary factor. Completeness is indeed a genetic predisposition. Therefore, if the parents suffered from overweight, children should try to prevent this pathology with the correct diet rigorous diet, fasting days, sports, etc.

Bad habits. Because nicotine disrupts blood flow and destroys vitamin C, tobacco dependence can be called one of the causes of cellulite and premature aging. Active Smoking promotes the formation of free radicals, which in excess form of the tumor, the struggle of the caffeine. However, the abuse of e coffee and tea hinders the absorption of iron – this trace element is responsible for the level of oxygen in the blood.

Thus, only by eliminating the causes of cellulite, you can defeat this evil enemy of natural beauty and health.


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