The doctors explained why, after 40 it is very difficult to lose weight


Unfortunately, diet and sports do not guarantee weight loss, scientists have found.

French and Swedish announced that two reasons will not allow you to lose weight, regardless of diet. Among them the age of 40, but not so simple, according to the with reference on Voice.

Scientists found out why after 40 years, many people get fat, and lose weight at times difficult. Know that everything comes down to hormonal fat storage and slow metabolism. However, it is not.

Studies have shown that actually happens. Losing weight hinders the rate of fat burn as such. Experts compared the rate of burning calories in people in the age from 41 to 54 years old, and this was confirmed.

For unexplained reasons the human body after 40 years, is starting to be very reluctant and slow to burn fat cells. It provokes weight gain. Of course, and lose weight in this scenario harder.

Now scientists have announced that this discovery gave impetus to the elucidation of this mechanism. Perhaps it is the speed of spending calories will open a new cure for age-related weight gain.


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