The doctors explained what lighting contributes to quality sleep


Врачи объяснили, какое освещение способствует качественному сну Important the hormone melatonin is best produced in the dark.

In the era of ancient civilizations is no labour law did not exist – people lived and worked according to the biological laws according to which the onset of night time meant rest time and bedtime, as sunrise marked the beginning of a new day.

The situation has not changed for centuries and millennia and almost to the beginning of the 20th century, nature was the only “regulator” of human activity. But with the development of science and the advent of technology the world was becoming lighter, the streets lights came on in houses and apartments appeared the whole system of artificial lighting.

The night became dark all day and night the city lit up in lights, signs, lights. The clock and light in man – people are reading, watching TV, sitting at a computer monitor. But useful if these changes and that gave the world the victory of light over darkness, let’s try to understand together.

Victory over the darkness will turn to defeat?

Artificial lighting has brought to life a person a lot of advantages but along with these advantages of round-the-clock illumination, there are downsides. The danger of these disadvantages is that they mainly affect human health. Let’s look at the cons of artificial lighting in more detail.

The human body, the most complicated mechanism ever created by nature. While this mechanism has high fragility and vulnerability. In the human body constantly undergoes various metabolic and biochemical processes, resulting in timely updated cells, natural skin and organs, produces useful hormones. If at least one of these processes fails — will suffer entire body.

The human body produces a lot of hormones and one of the most important substances of the hormonal type is melatonin. Melatonin – the hormone responsible for the biological clock of the body, a substance inhibiting the process of aging, regulating the activity of the immune system, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system and brain. If the body is found the lack of this hormone, the consequences can be very sad.

Why such a detailed story about melatonin, if the article started about the dangers of artificial lighting and changes of rhythms of human life? And the fact that this hormone is able to be produced by the pineal gland of the brain only in complete darkness!

Melatonin will not be produced if the smallest lighting – when the light from the TV or monitor in contact with street lighting in the bedroom window. Dark for effective production of melatonin must be absolute.

The lack of melatonin in the body develop a variety of disease – disorders of the nervous system and psyche, accelerated skin aging, reduced potency. And therefore need to relax in complete silence and in complete darkness.

How to reduce negative effects and to provide adequate melatonin production?

To keep healthy, you need to approach the organization of their own night’s rest right. Turn off in the bedroom televisions, computers and lamps. Window cover blackout curtains that are guaranteed not to miss the street light in the sleeping room. In your bedroom should be the perfect darkness.

Having complete darkness and constantly resting in the dark, you will help the body not experience a lack of melatonin, and thus protect it from various diseases, including oncological character. Sleep in the dark will help you to stay young, to feel fresh and full of energy.

Take care of yourself, especially to exercise caution and prevent diseases is much easier than to cure.


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