The doctors explained something to eat alcohol


Врачи объяснили, чем закусывать спиртноеIt is important to know.

If it is wrong to eat alcoholic beverages during the feast, it can lead to a dangerous disturbance in the body. Experts told, what should be the power at the time of drinking.

Eating alcohol wrong foods can provoke the condition hypoglycemia, in which there is a sharp drop of glucose in the blood, making impossible the normal functioning of cells, including brain cells.

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“If you have decided to drink, then you should definitely stock up on that food, which is well removes alcohol from the body” — explained the experts how to avoid dangerous disorders.

According to them, you should never combine alcohol with sugar-containing foods – chocolate, sweets. This can lead to a sharp rise in blood sugar and trigger in response to the increased insulin production that means in the end of the hypoglycemia.

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Alcoholic drinks are best to eat such foods as boiled potatoes, a light salad with vegetables, lean meat poultry, gave advice to the experts.

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