The doctors explained how tomato juice can affect the pressure


Врачи объяснили, как томатный сок может повлиять на давлениеExperts have called the best foods for combating hypertension.

American scientists have proposed to those who suffer from high blood pressure, to include in the diet of foods that are very efficient as fighters against hypertension.

The tomato juice. High blood pressure is associated with an excess of sodium in the body, but this imbalance is a good fight potassium. Scientists said that the most effective helps to prevent the increase in the level of sodium in the body the consumption of tomato juice.

The accumulation of sodium in the body affects the cardiovascular conductivity, contributes to arrhythmia, with age, the sodium accumulates quickly.

Experts recalled that the adult human body needs to get 3500 milligrams of potassium daily. Studies have shown that the pressure in people who get enough potassium, increasing steadily. Daily allowance of potassium contained in the glass of tomato juice, tomatoes are very rich in these micronutrients and therefore are the best in the fight against hypertension.

Yogurt. Doctors recommend to normalize blood pressure, use natural yogurt five times a week. to normalize blood pressure, it is also one of the best products that help fight hypertension. Yogurt contains potassium, which flushes the body of excess salt causing an increased blood pressure, and are necessary for the body calcium and protein.

In addition, specialists advised to regularly eat foods other products are also included in the list of best means from increased pressure.

These products are:



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