The doctors called the popular habit of “killing” heart


Врачи назвали популярную привычку, "убивающую" сердцеWhat harm does Smoking hookah.

There are many people who still naively believe that hookah Smoking is harmless fun.

But why is hookah Smoking in tens and hundreds of times more harmful than Smoking conventional cigarettes.

Advertising hookah assures us that he is one of the safest ways of Smoking. We insist that all contaminants are filtered water, hookah tobacco smolder, not burn, respectively, in the smoke get the nicotine and all harmful substances, etc.
Scientists from the University of California-Los Angeles found that Smoking hookah for the heart and circulatory system in the same way harmful as Smoking cigarettes.

Companies manufacturing hookahs, promote them on the market as safe alternatives to tobacco products. While used in hookah tobacco may not contain some of the carcinogens present in cigarettes, there is increasing evidence that waterpipes unsafe.

Statistics show that 10% of Teens today use hookahs, and that is almost half of the total number of smokers in this age group.

Young people are more vulnerable to toxic chemicals and physical stressors, as well as smokers. Tobacco for hookah has the same amount of nicotine as in cigarettes. Its smoke still contains carbon monoxide, tar, heavy metals and other carcinogens.

Dangerous than Smoking for women
A particular danger of this entertainment is women are not revealed. But there is another danger for all – increasing the risk of cancer. First of all we are talking about lung cancer, because in addition to the nicotine you inhale the combustion products of charcoal, as well as carbon monoxide and heavy metal salts.

To reduce the harm, give preference to safe filters, which are made of cotton or activated carbon.

The hookah is designed so that the combustion of tobacco used coal, they also can contain a variety of toxic substances.

Cons of hookah Smoking
Hookah is poisoning the body with nicotine and other poisonous substances, because of the evening chatting under “Shisha” to smoke in the tens and even hundreds of times more tobacco than is contained in one cigarette. Regular use of hookah as well as cigarettes can lead to nicotine addiction. With prolonged Smoking hookah you can “earn” nausea, headaches and even poisoning.

It promotes deeper penetration of smoke into the lungs. Cardiologists believe that even if you are regularly in a room where someone smokes a hookah, you get the “shock” equal to one hundred cigarettes.

The positive side
After reading this information, many will decide that it was better never to take up hookah pipe. But don’t jump to conclusions. The fact that you just need to know the measure. After all, if not too carried away, the hookah can be very useful. For example, some doctors argue that hookah smoke can have a positive effect on the vocal cords smokers, because he is able to destroy germs and bacteria from the respiratory tract. In fact, its action is somewhat similar to the action of the inhaler. This effect is due to glycerol, able to transform hookah smoke to vapor.

In the end we can say that, of course, from a hookah more harm than good, however, if you follow the rules of hygiene in the use of this product, and not much to get excited about them, no large-scale negative impacts can be expected.


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