The doctors called products, which is able to prolong youth


The use of turmeric and foods with omega-3 fatty acids contribute to the extension of youth primarily through its influence on improving vascular health and brain.

To Moscow to participate in the national Congress of geriatrics and gerontology arrived Professor Hidetoshi Endo of the Japanese National center for geriatrics and gerontology. According to the Professor, in Japan, it is typical for locals longevity prevalent dementia, and physicians are in active search of funds and prevention of this neurodegenerative disease, reports the with reference to

One such tool, which can effectively prevent the onset of dementia, is turmeric, the Professor said.

“Inclusion in the daily diet of the traditional Indian spice turmeric helps maintain brain health and thereby prolong youthfulness of the body,” — said the scientist.

In the USA scientists from the University of Los Angeles also came to the conclusion that regular consumption of curcumin (main component in turmeric) improves memory and brain function through its anti-inflammatory action. They conducted an experiment involving people aged 50 to 90 years, among whom were those who had memory problems, and those from whom they have already been noted. A year and a half of the subjects had used curcumin at least twice a week.

As a result, scientists were able to verify that people who regularly eat turmeric, significantly improved the performance of memory, ability to concentrate, and emotional state. People in the brain which were attended by plaques of amyloid, the concentration decreased.

For products with omega-3, doctors say that they are “equally important” to maintain as long as possible the good condition of the brain, and, consequently, of youth. The best sources of these substances — fatty sea fish, unrefined vegetable oils, nuts, avocado. The results of the study were published in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.


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