The doctors called products, unsightly body odor


It is not enough to abandon the garlic.

According to doctors, eating habits affect body odor not less than cosmetic products. Moreover, if scheduled for tomorrow an important meeting and wants to smell enough to give, say, garlic, writes the with reference to the news of Yu.

Red meat is not the best way affects the body odor, especially if you sweat: slowly digesting it involves a range of digestive enzymes and reagents. Cleavage products of protein enter the blood and sweat, and when mixed with bacteria, the smell intensified. This is confirmed by a study involving women-meat eaters and the vegetarian. Body odor latter was much more enjoyable.

However, there are so-called products-converters — buckwheat and fresh herbs. They are not only able to make body odor less sharp, but also to reduce sweating in General.

Some vegetables can also cause unpleasant odor, as in the digestion process emit gases. So, broccoli, cauliflower and even ordinary cabbage contain lots of sulfur, which not only enters the composition of substances, whose unpleasant odor may persist for several hours, but can cause flatulence.

Asparagus can become a cause of pungent “ammonia” smell of urine. This effect usually does not last more than 2 hours, and body odor may also briefly change.

Fish are certainly useful, but in some species, e.g., trout or tuna, is a lot of choline. Some people have a choline rich food is fish odour syndrome — the trimethylaminuria. Also worth to give up curry, cumin and caraway, as they contain sulfur. Once in the blood, the connections come out with the breath and then, giving the body specific sour smell.


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