The doctors called healthy foods for hypertensive patients


Врачи назвали полезные продукты для гипертоников Potatoes and bananas help to normalize pressure.

Potatoes and bananas are considered dangerous products from the point of view of diets, however, their therapeutic potential is often underestimated by people, said the researchers.

Experts told the who did not need to abandon their use.

Doctors gave recommendations for potatoes and bananas. According to them, in the course of complex observations it was recorded that their use is beneficial to the state of high blood pressure. This effect the scientists attributed to the presence of potassium in the composition of these products.

“The presence in the diet products containing potassium helps to get rid of problems with blood pressure,” stated the experts.

The fact that potassium has a beneficial effect on the structure of the blood, makes products with it is useful not only due to pressure surges, said the medics. Such products when consumed regularly contribute to the improvement in the condition of the skin, so they should have those people who know dermatological problems, they added.

In addition, products with potassium helps to maintain youthful and fresh appearance of the skin, protect against the appearance of early wrinkles. Potassium accelerates cell division, favorably affecting the elasticity of the skin, said experts.

What is important, according to them, is to uphold the norm when such foods, not to overeat. Like any nutrient, potassium can have a negative impact on human health if in the body there is a surplus, said the doctors.


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