The doctors called fruits and berries, seeds which is useful for health


Врачи назвали фрукты и ягоды, косточки которых полезны для здоровья The seeds of the fruit of this list is.

Despite many misconceptions, the bones of many berries and fruits are not only harmless, but useful. Scientists have compiled a list of berries and fruit, seeds which have many useful functions.

People suffering from acute headaches, experts advise to eat the seeds of the fruit of the citrus family, which let to reduce the pain and restore the normal state of the body.

Pomegranate seeds help with irritability and nervousness, normalizes mental condition of the person. Note, to maintain the health and elasticity of the skin, scientists recommend eating grape seeds.

To improve digestive functions and elimination of internal toxins from the body experts recommend eating olive pits, which also soothe the nervous system and ease the symptom of asthma.

Using the seeds of watermelon can adjust the level of blood sugar.


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