The doctors called a grocery list of fighters with cancer


The popular American doctor, scientist, founder of the Association of angiogenesis William Li has developed a system of power through which you can reduce the risks of developing cancer.

The most “effective” fighters oncologia considers Whether food, including a large number of vegetables, fruits, followed by dairy meals and vegetables, reports the with reference to

Their “diet against cancer” was presented in the book “Eat to Beat Disease: The New Science of How Your Body Can Heal Itself” (“Eat to beat disease: the new science of how your body can heal itself”).

In particular, he writes that he believes the main vegetable tomatoes, which contain minerals, including lycopene, inhibit the process of mutation in the body; sauerkraut, which also has many useful properties; soy, berries and green tea.

A separate place in your diet If gives to yogurt and kimchi – Korean dish based on cabbage, seasoned with Korean spices and drugs.

In addition, Lee writes about the important role proper nutrition play nuts, berries and potatoes. Also in his book he devotes much space to the apples, and especially Apple cider.

Lee in his book explains why to use a particular product, and also suggests that you need to eat more vegetables.

“Our genetic destiny is not predetermined by birth. The gene itself remains unchanged, but certain genes retain the ability to change under the influence of environmental factors — that is, all depends on what you eat, what you breathe,” writes Lee.


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