The doctors called a fruit can protect against heart attack


Врачи назвали фрукт, способный защитить от инфарктаEating the fruit in food, you will minimize the harmful effects of inflammatory factors.

Japanese scientists have figured out what fruit is able to protect the body from stomach ulcers and many other chronic diseases.

This fruit – kiwi.

The cultural fruits of Actinidia, known as the kiwi or Chinese gooseberries, are a great source of beneficial polyphenols – organic substances in which plants are protected from viruses, fungi and insects.

Getting into the human body, polyphenols cause a lot of beneficial effects, providing protection from harmful factors.

“Polyphenols contained in kiwi fruit in large quantities, neutralize free radicals, which can penetrate cell membranes and damage the DNA and protein structures. Possessing significant anti-inflammatory effect, polyphenols stop the development of stomach ulcers, and also reduce the likelihood of development of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, reduce the risk of heart attack and other diseases related to the violation of the integrity of cellular structures,” say Japanese researchers.

The researchers found that kiwifruit contain much more polyphenols and other beneficial antioxidants than, for example, oranges and apples.

The optimal number of kiwi in a day or three. Eating this fruit in food, you will minimize the harmful effects of inflammatory factors, which is constantly exposed to the human body.


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