The doctors called a beverage that you do not want to drink on an empty stomach


Врачи назвали напитки, которые нежелательно употреблять натощакNutritionists told what you can and cannot drink during Breakfast.

A glass of orange juice on an empty stomach is a traditional American drink for Breakfast. They say it helps to Wake up and gives a boost of energy and vitamins for the day.

But doctors argue the opposite: citrus juice may lead to worsening of diseases and even communicate with surgeons.

What drink is perfect for Breakfast, and which not only tones, but also can replace a full Breakfast?

It’s hard to Wake up and you are forced to drink energy drinks? In vain. They are energized for 15 minutes, to the same cause dependency and even depression due to the content of hazardous ingredients. No less hurt and fizzy drinks.

Milk, kefir and fermented baked milk, nutritionists recommend that you wait until lunch time. In addition to protein, these foods are carbohydrates and fats. After such a meal the pancreas will definitely disturb you.

Even black tea is harmful on an empty stomach. It is better to drink before meals a glass of water she starts the digestive tract.

Useful in the morning to drink coffee: drink improves performance, and prevents the development of urolithiasis. Then there is cocoa it stimulates the production of hormones of joy and happiness.

Fresh juices and smoothies really fill the body with nutrients, but the benefits they bring only in for 15 minutes after cooking, and only after a morning meal.

But a protein shake may well be a full Breakfast. To prepare this drink easily at home: simply add the Apple and banana, two tablespoons of cottage cheese in a blender.


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