The doctor told me how to live hemophiliacs in Ukraine


Врач рассказал, как живут больные гемофилией в Украине April 17 – world hemophilia day.

Hemophilia is a blood incoagulability. It is a genetic disease that affects men, but the carriers are women. According to statistics from the Ministry of health, Ukraine hemophiliacs 2569, 667 of them children.

Although the disease is genetic, 80% of patients in Ukraine found out about his diagnosis after complications – hematoma, increased bleeding, surgery, teething in infants. This is stated in the study of Ukrainian society of hemophilia.

In the organization estimates the state loses due to inefficient treatment of hemophilia, more than 70 million UAH. year: budgetary expenditures on payment of pensions and disability benefits for adults and children, as well as forgone tax revenues due to disability and disability of patients.

According to the Chairman of society Alexander Smile, over the past few years, the world has been made a big step forward in the treatment of hemophilia.

“Now there are drugs that do not need to enter into a vein through the day. They are introduced subcutaneously, last longer, are introduced less frequently and, most importantly, do not carry the risk of infection and development of inhibitory forms. People can work, live a normal life and do not require additional support from the state,” he said.

In Ukraine, according to him, people with hemophilia sometimes forced to use drugs of the last century. While in Ukraine is not purchased, a sufficient number of medicines children with hemophilia doomed to disability.

Preventive treatment in Ukraine receive only 9% of adults and 23% children. Others receive drugs for complications or when the desired operation.


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