The doctor told me how the shoes may endanger the health


Врач рассказал, какая обувь может угрожать здоровьюTraumatologist-orthopedist, Professor Vadim Dubrov told about what kind of shoes can lead to foot deformity.

The expert also shared his opinion about what best to wear in casual mode.

Stylish women’s “pumps” with 10-cm heel, according to him, it is not suitable for constant wear. Neglect of this rule causes the curvature of the foot. These shoes, said Vadim Dubrov, refer to the type of shoes you want to wear only from time to time.

Particularly important, according to the podiatrist, wearing the right shoes to people predisposed to hereditary flat feet and deformities of the feet.

“I am not against beautiful women’s high heels, but they should not turn into a casual type of Shoe. Modern sneakers is one of the most comfortable types of shoes. They have special shock-absorbing design,” said orthopedic surgeon Vadim Dubrov.

He added that the shoes must match the weather, the shape of the foot, as well as the occasion. It is important qualities such as good ventilation and free position of the foot – the shoes should not break the flow, put pressure on the toes or to shift them.

People engaged in Jogging, the doctor advised to use professional sneakers, otherwise would be dramatically high risk of deformation of the knee joints


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