The doctor suggested, as to avoid aggravating the arthritis


Врач подсказала, как избежать обострения артритаExercise and weight loss will help to avoid aggravating the arthritis

The defeat of joints creates a lot of problems in daily life, and when arthritis or osteoarthritis acute – aching pain and discomfort in the joints and does not give to live a full life. This was reported by doctor Victoria Savitskaya.

“To reduce the risk of arthritis and osteoarthritis can be the right way of life, moderate and balanced diet and of course regular exercise. But if, unfortunately, you are already suffering from chronic disease as soon as possible to normalize your weight, so as not to create additional stress on the joints, it will help to reduce the risk of escalation,” – said the expert.

Moderate exercise is shown to all, and people with arthritis and osteoarthritis they are vital. It is important to consult with a specialist to select the perfect load.

“Without moving our joints become inflexible, so to speak “turn to stone”, but excessive stress on joints can exacerbate. Thus, during exacerbation of the disease physical activity is contraindicated,” warns the doctor.

Prevention needs proper nutrition. You should give up fatty fried foods, too much salty snacks and red meat in favor of fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood.

For bones and joints is very helpful gelatin and hryaschik. Because if you love jelly and jelly – often indulge in these dishes, as well as marmalade and natural candy. Drink more pure non-carbonated water to provide the body with sufficient quantity of liquid for cleansing and renewal of cells.


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