The development of the Far East: a business runs, people fleeing…


Развитие Дальнего Востока: бизнес бежит, люди бегут…

In Komsomolsk-on-Amur rolls up small business in the Khabarovsk officials say about the business support, but business do not believe them” rel=”nofollow”>KHABAROVSK,” rel=”nofollow”>March 30, 2018, 11:30am — REGNUM Reading the news about the development of the Far East in official releases of officials, for the development of the macro-region meet, and the messages about the real state of Affairs “from the field”, it is possible to earn a split personality. Officials report on business development in the FEFD — business says the opposite. The reason for such contradictions?

“Primorye is a leader in the far East in number of businesses. The number of entrepreneurs is growing, in 2018 it reached 118,5 thousand entrepreneurs. This is 5.4% higher than a year earlier,” reported the Ministry for development of Russian Far East.

Ministry likes the word “leading”: and he far East he always in the lead, and individual actors is also always in the lead. Now the leaders — the business of Primorye.

But if the region is a leader in the payroll debt, the population is so rapidly falling into the poverty that they are ready on extreme measures — teachers, for example, report that they are ready for collective action, if the authorities will not solve the issue of salary increase — if people say that can’t afford even the cheapest used cars, but many can’t afford normal food, maybe this is a wrong business? After all, any economist, and we hope that the Ministry are very good economists, in the two accounts explain that the business development necessarily leads to the development of the territory. We have the same, if we talk about the same littoral, the effect is the opposite: the business is growing and “leads”, and the region sinks to the bottom.

Let’s see what happens in other regions?

The authorities of Komsomolsk-on-Amur sounding the alarm: entrepreneurs, although while and continue to work in the city, however massively removed from the register and register their company in Khabarovsk, — has informed Agency “DV-news”.

As a result, the city’s budget, already scarce, is a serious loss — because the business pays taxes at the place of registration.

The head of the city Andrey Klimov seriously concerned about: the city Treasury by 40% is due to the contributions of small and medium businesses, and therefore loss is very painful:

“Naruto left a few companies with enough big names,” said the mayor of Komsomolsk.

What is the reason?

“It’s very simple: business goes to Khabarovsk, to not pay employees Northern allowance. Komsomolsk district, equated to the far North, and Khabarovsk — no. Warranty is given by the state, and to pay us employers. For us this is a huge burden. And in may, and will increase the minimum wage, in which “North” are not included, they need to pay in excess of the minimal wage. The easiest option is to go in Khabarovsk”, — explained the situation to the businessman, the Deputy of the city Duma of KomsomolskAndrew Staroselec.

The Deputy noted that in the far Eastern capital is easier to work, programs for business more, but the main reason is the lack of “North”. Business is such a load just does not pull.

We cannot say that the authorities of the city of Youth did not foresee the problems that would follow immediately after the innovations with the minimum wage. Even as anticipated. A year ago, they even amendments to the Federal law was prepared which would the load with small and medium-sized businesses. The parliamentarians insisted that the North must be expenditure obligations of the Russian Federation, not of small and medium business. And this is quite logical: the state’s guarantee of benefits to all northerners, and in fact they are available only to state employees.

Their proposals urban deputies were sent to various high courts. But — things are where was.

“The appeal is a concrete answer to us and not given. Reported that they held some meetings and round tables on everything and decayed. Addressed personally to the Deputy of the state Duma Sergey Furgala, but he didn’t even answer. We wrote to the Ministry for development of Russian Far East, Ministry of labor, these departments simply ignored our requests. Meanwhile, the “North” is a very important issue! This is our main competitive disadvantage! But we continue to destroy the business or out of stupidity, or purposefully,” said Andrew Staroselec.

As you can see, “develop business” in DFO, the Ministry and other Federal agencies are far from the only official reports of their structures. When from business and parliamentarians do real deals — they don’t even answer.

To persuade the business not to run tried the mayor of the city Andrei Klimov. But at the meeting, entrepreneurs voiced him such a number of acute problems that the mayor immediately gave instructions to his deputies to understand the problems connected with the relationship with the tax inspection, cadastral value of land plots, lack of struggle against shadow business, huge problems with getting loans.

In Khabarovsk, where, headlong, runs the business from Komsomolsk, their problems, preventing the development.

In the far Eastern capital hosted a public discussion of the state program “Development of small and medium entrepreneurship in the Khabarovsky Krai for the years 2013-2020”.

And here is the same dissonance between officials and entrepreneurs.

Officials can not grasp why they and loans discounted business offer, and is consulted by, and he, ungrateful, still complains of his hopeless and depressing life.

But everything fell into place, when the word took the “thankless” entrepreneurs:

“I had a manufacturing, food processing, small, but it worked and brought income. The shop I rented from one of the structures of the mayoralty of Khabarovsk. While the district has not built a new road, this shop no one was needed. And after construction, the rent was immediately raised, and I survived! Now in my former shop shop! Don’t need our region entrepreneurs, we need only “buy-sell”!” very emotsianalno made, as he called himself, a “former businessman” Sergey.

Amazing all the same place — this far East! In all other regions, probably, the construction of roads will automatically lead to the development of the business. And we, in DFO, as you can see, exactly the opposite. However, judging by the example of Primorye, we even “high-end business development” can lead to poverty of the whole region.

Entrepreneur, representative of the Association of preschools Marina Petrova shared your problem:

“We are working on the patent system, we have no large profits, no expensive equipment, which could be provided to banks as collateral. Tried to get a loan we were denied.”

Representatives of Fund of support of small business responded immediately, saying, and reporting children’s organizations does not inspire confidence, and the money you and parents take the cash and receipts you have on a notebook sheet.

But the entrepreneur expressed indignation about these charges:

“We are working within the law!”

After that the clerk offered to discuss the issue of tete-a-tete. Thus, others in the audience representatives of business remained a mystery — can you solve this particular problem.

Meanwhile, recall the conversation between business and government was held in the framework of public discussion of the state program on support of small and medium enterprises in the region. But publicity, as soon as it came about the real problems in the room and did not smell.

Another representative of small business shared a problem:

“My business is not yet included in the Unified register of the Federal tax service — as a company of small and medium enterprises. The fact that the introduction of this registry happens only once a year. I was told that I will pay only after August 10, 2018. And the loan I need now. What do I do?” asked the businessman.

And again the ladies from the Foundation established specifically to support small businesses, responding to a question from the representative of this business on a public discussion of the state program on business development, offered to the entrepreneur to discuss everything “after the event”.

The question arises: why then all it is needed is a public discussion?

As reported” rel=”nofollow”>REGNUM, answering a question of news Agency “Why the far East is not developed a small business?”, Professor TOGU, doctor of sociology , Leonid blyakher said:

“In order for the business began to really develop, you need somewhere to attach multiple controllers”.

But supervisors, as we see, not less. They are becoming more and more. And for business development in the far East, creates more and more bureaucratic structures. Confused by this, as you can see, no — the far East continues to empty, people running, running a business, not withstanding have no such development or of such support.

Whatever week — from the regions of DFO in the reaction of IA REGNUM news is coming about the development of the business, one “fun” on the other. For example, in the Kuril Islands was rocked by scandal RYBOKOMBINAT Ostrovnoy, it came to the head of state. Was instructed to revive the plant, create jobs and modern manufacturing. THOR has created “the Kuril Islands”, found an investor. The entrepreneur started working, investing 7 billion rubles. The resident promised the tax-free regime. But before he could begin reconstruction of half — dead plant as granted tax on to repay the debts of the former owner for taxes. As they say, “here’s to you, grandma, and preferential treatment, there’s your tax break”.

In Yakutia, a small business threatened with closure, because they will not be able to cope with the payments after the increase in the minimum wage — Yakutia is the North. One seller will have to pay at least 40 thousand rubles. And people are leaving, fewer buyers. Where to take money? The state dealt bountifully with the people by raising the minimum wage and piled up obligations to fulfill this blessing on the business, does not give answers.

In the Khabarovsky Krai small business, shocked by the sudden increase in accounts “a communal flat” from 50% to 300%, ran for help in all instances, including the editor of the REGNUM news Agency. I will help you. As bills arrive. The list goes on.

And if you look at the official website of the Ministry — it’s all billions and trillions, the leading positions, hundreds of new businesses and more prosperity.

Why are so bad he lives far East?




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