The developers of Middle-earth: Shadow of War carved a number of free updates


Разработчики Middle-earth: Shadow of War мастерят целый ряд бесплатных обновленийMonolith Productions also plans to add Middle-earth: Shadow of War a couple more Orc tribes.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Monolith Productions seem to prove that they are not as greedy as some, and are willing not only to charge you extra for boxes and DLC. For those who do not want to part with the money, the developers make a number of free updates designed to make Middle-earth: Shadow of War “even more diverse and exciting.”

In particular, before the end of this year user action waiting for the following improvements:

● “Endless siege” (available from 21 November) — to suppress attempts of Sauron to return to Mordor under his control.
● “The riot” (available from 21 November) — show your rebellious hologam and urucum that they are severely mistaken, opposing the Light of the Lord.
● Improved photo mode (available from 21 November) — new filters, borders and textures will allow the most benefit to present any point of your adventure.
● Network fight pits (available from 5 December) — supporters against supporters and rulers against rulers will fight for life and death for reward and improvement.
● “Brutal” difficulty (available December 12) — new difficulty level will force you to think carefully about every step, because in case of defeat, the last chance will be gone.

Recall that until the end of December Monolith Productions also plans to add Middle-earth: Shadow of War a couple more Orc tribes, and in February and may of 2018, we are waiting for the two story DLC focusing on stories Altariel and Baranor.


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