The developers of GTA V Redux has released a new version of the project


Разработчики GTA V Redux выпустили новую версию проектаIn the new version the development team has introduced improved photorealistic graphics.

The developers of GTA V Redux has released a new version of their project, which significantly improved the graphical component of the game.

GTA V Redux 1.3 will feature the following innovations:

100% rewrite of the weather system from scratch. All weather conditions have been carefully improved to provide a stunning system of sunrise/sunset. Was also added a more realistic change of day and night.
Added quite a few new weather phenomena.
Completely new textures for billboards and advertising vehicles, bus stops and taxi.
All the textures of the road has been completely renovated, among which the road damage, intersections, sidewalks, curbs, barriers and more.
Brand new textures for various items. Was updated bottles, cans, Newspapers, scraps of letters, and more.
The change also affected the texture of dirt.
The car had redesigned headlights, yellow which became more natural.
Soil, soil and rocks has also received new textures.
One of the most important innovation was the emergence of 4K textures for trees, bushes, grass, fire, explosions, water, clouds, and much more.
The leaves of the trees and shrubs began to fall much more plausible.
The splashes of water become more realistic.
The effects of contact of the tire with dirt, water, grass, dust was changed and improved.
Changed the animation of the blood, and also adjusted the color.
Added simulation of global illumination.

In addition, GTA V Redux itself also adds many additional features, including a new balancing of the criminal system and complete rework of the weapons. Was also changed system of close combat, and simulation of Los Santos has reached a new level. Animation and physics became more close to the one that was in GTA IV. The management of vehicles has also been revised and improved.

Anyone can already download the new version of GTA V Redux 1.3 , which will work with version 1.4.


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