The detainees said the weapons and explosives had been planted operatives


Three detainees on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg said that the weapons and explosives they planted operatives. The FSB handed the case on to the inquiry.

Suspected of preparing terrorist attacks in St. Petersburg have accused the FSB of falsification of evidence. In Smolninsky court detainees Aliskhan Esmurziev, Shamil Umargaliev and Firuz of Calaveras did not admit his guilt. Two of them said the weapons and explosives they planted by the security forces. From the evidence of the third it follows that he does not know where the guns and illegal substances. According to the, the FSB has sent the criminal case to the inquiry. The prosecution of detainees not charged. However the court decided to detain all three of them until mid-January. Earlier, the FSB has announced that it has disrupted a series of explosions in St. Petersburg. The secret service has released footage of the detention of alleged terrorists. Later in mass media there was information that footage of arrests could be staged. Officially, the information law enforcement has not yet commented on.

According to the FSB, the militants were planning a terrorist attack in the Kazan Cathedral and a series of explosions in crowded areas of St. Petersburg.


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