The designer showed amazing renderings of the new Ferrari


Дизайнер показал удивительные рендеры нового Ferrari Interesting concept, reminiscent of a spaceship.

Ferrari, like any automaker is willing to extend its own line of models and it resides in the creative process. This time the company has decided to submit a render of a conceptual model 413 hypercar in the style of UFO.

Rendering of a possible Ferrari F413 created by the designer, Shane Baxley, can be easily rejected by the company as too complex for mass production. But who knows what will happen to car design in 10, 20 or 30 years?

Just look at the Ferrari LaFerrari – it looks stunning by today’s standards. We can only imagine what would be said about this car in the 1960s and 1970s.

Picture this hypothetical Ferrari seems not completed. However, the render is completely finished and ready job offer for the company. The vehicle is devoid of traditional bodywork, and front fenders are part of the bumper with the lower spoiler and integrated optics. Similarly located and taillights. Located in the middle of a futuristic cockpit with large glass roof, surrounded by aerodynamic wings.

The interior is also impressive and offers a place for only one person. The driver sits in a racing bucket carbon fiber and controls the car with a sports steering wheel. All the necessary information about the condition of the vehicle is displayed on a small touch screen mounted on the handlebars, also enable the driver to switch between three driving modes – Track, Wet and Pazzo. The speed and engine parameters projected onto the windshield.

In our opinion, this hypercar needs a fully electric propulsion system. Given the design of the body, most likely Ferrari 413 will receive the four-engine layout (1 motor per wheel).

Of course, now it’s just fantasies of how it will look hypercar of the future, and while no plans for its production does not exist.

Дизайнер показал удивительные рендеры нового Ferrari
Дизайнер показал удивительные рендеры нового Ferrari


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