The designer has created an interesting concept of “Zaporozhets” of the future


Дизайнер создал интересный концепт "Запорожца" будущего The car has an interesting appearance.

Despite the fact that the ZAZ-965 is just the design work of a young little-known designer behind the car already lined up a virtual queue of fans.

A huge number of people on the Internet say that in appearance, this “Zaporozhets” attracts their attention more than most cars on the market. And the uniqueness or rarity of the model is not in the first place!

All liked the design. Stylish, modern, unusual – word – tidbit. Remembering the failures of the domestic auto industry, the question arises: gentlemen, isn’t it time for you to change designers?

Though Ukrainian automobile company began to produce, there would be a demand… the world would be turned upside down! The world of fantasies and dreams would come out. As for the car, a ZAZ-965 a modern twist.

The designer really should send your portfolio to a car company – if not domestic, then at least abroad. Talents need to find a use for!

Дизайнер создал интересный концепт "Запорожца" будущего


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