The dermatologist told how in the heat to protect the skin


Those who are on the street, doctors advise to pay attention to the skin – it must be protected.

MD center of dermatology and cosmetology of the Department of health of Moscow Anastasiya Rasulova told what measures need to resort to heat to protect the skin from the negative effects of the environment. The specialist noted that with proper care the sun will not bring the skin to a significant damage, reports the with reference to Toneto.

First of all, the dermatologist advises to remember about protective creams before you go outside, you should use the tools, which include UV-filters, antioxidants. In particular, the doctor recommends applying the cream with a level of protection from ultraviolet rays SPF30-50. While bathing a protective layer on the skin, you need to update every hour and after each swim.

In addition, Anastasiya Rasulova noted that to be in the sun need no more than four hours – after that the threshold of safety disappears.

The expert also said that if the day had used sunscreen, the facial skin better clear hydrophilic oil, gel or foam, after – toning. According to the dermatologist, “tonic normalizes ph of the skin and improve the effectiveness of the subsequent care.” After the treatment the skin with toner to it apply the cream corresponding to its type.

Can I use the peels to cleanse the skin in the summer? Anastasiya Rasulova said that earlier in the summer and will not recommend this procedure, peeling – it was believed that when the sun it only contributed to the emergence of pigmentation. But, as noted by the dermatologist, today “there are several peels that will not only improve the appearance of the skin, but also protects against photo-aging” is an almond scrub (for sensitive skin), milk peel (for skin with first signs of aging) and enzyme peel (for all skin types). After any cleansing to the skin should be applied daily sunscreen.

In addition to the peels, gently clean the skin with help of enzymatic gels. While the enzymatic gel can be used daily, whereas peels — no more than once per month. However, if the skin is “burned” in the sun, peeling is absolutely contraindicated, cautioned by the dermatologist.


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