The defense Ministry voiced the causes for the shooting in a military unit of Transbaikalia


Минобороны назвало причины расстрела в воинской части Забайкалья

The Ministry of defence Commission, investigating circumstances of shooting of soldier Ramil Shamsutdinov colleagues in the military unit of Mountain village in Zabaykalsky Krai, announced the availability of “interpersonal conflict” and “psychological incompatibility” with one of the privates who were part of the guard officers.

Earlier, the Ministry of defence said that the reason of tragedy became personal problems of the soldier, having no connection with the circumstances of the service. With this version of dissent from his father. Salimian Shamsutdinov said that even can not imagine what could bring my son to this crime. In the past, the police investigator, he has raised three sons, who according to him all “cultural, communicative, competent, none of them matter, not fond of alcohol. All sports”. Ramil former classmates remembered him as quiet and adequate youth, which was a good student and won a high place in city competitions on struggle. The soldier himself, according to his father, complained about the small “attacks”, without specifying details. He also said that in part there are such things as “hazing” and “muster”.

“Physical violence against Ramil Shamsutdinova was not confirmed, but he had a personal conflict with an officer, according to the Commission, RBC reports. The tragedy could cause mental overload and poor control of the commanders of the remote part”.

According to a source RBC in the Commission can not say that part took place what is called “hazing”, but there was an increased mental workload experienced by soldiers during guard duty. She could contribute to the “transition interpersonal conflict to the actions that led to the tragedy”. Also the Commission said that the commanders rarely controlled the selection of personnel for duty and sentries, and now violating the commanders will be held accountable up to and including dismissal.

However, the source Agency RIA “Novosti” tells about another version: “Soldier refused to carry out the task of the company commander, something like mopping the floors. Colleagues decided to force him to do so. As soon as we had the opportunity, he opened fire on them. The first shot of the company”, – said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, repentance Shamsutdinov does not feel.

We will remind that the tragedy in the military unit of Mountain village took place on 25 October. Soldier Ramil Shamsutdinov opened fire on fellow servicemen, shot 10 people, eight of whom died on the spot. Five of the victims were also conscripts. Filed under article of the Criminal code murder of two or more persons, the murderer arrested. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called the incident a special case and noted that “it is not the questions of the President.”


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