The defense Ministry reported the deaths of 14 divers in a fire on the deep-sea submersible


Минобороны сообщило о гибели 14 подводников при пожаре на глубоководном аппарате

Fourteen of submariners of the Navy of Russia died in a fire at a research submersible, “Interfax” referring to the defense Ministry.

According to the Ministry, the incident occurred July 1 in the Russian territorial waters at deep-sea submersible, is designed to study the near-bottom space and the ocean floor. Submariners died, poisoned by combustion products.

The defense Ministry said that now the fire is liquidated. The unit is located at the naval base in Severomorsk.

“The event reasons are established. Investigation is conducted by the commander-in-chief of the Navy,” — said the Agency.


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