The daughter of a Spaniard who claimed that Salvador Dali was her father, found dead


Дочь испанки, утверждавшей, что Сальвадор Дали являлся ее отцом, нашли мертвойThe body of 39-year-old, Elisabeth Martin Abel was found Tuesday

According to her, the body of 39-year-old, Elisabeth Martin Abel was discovered on Tuesday. Signs of violent death was revealed.

In the summer of 2017 in Figueres was carried out the exhumation of the remains was Given at the request of Abel, assures that the artist was her father. After conducting a DNA test it was found that the Spanish daughter of the painter is not.

Abel, who was born February 1, 1956, claimed that her mother had a secret relationship with Dali. Since 2007, the woman tried to achieve recognition of kinship with the painter. If a DNA test confirmed the words of the Spanish flu, it could claim to wear his name, and copyright.

Salvador Dali was born may 11, 1904. He is considered one of the most famous representatives of surrealism. During his artistic career, he created hundreds of works of art.


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