The danger drugs for weight loss


В чем опасность препаратов для похуденияWeight loss – not an easy task.

Drink tea and lose weight is the dream of every woman who wants to bring her figure in order.

But miracles, alas, does not happen, and magic drinks and pills are often in the best case. Still in doubt? We have 10 reasons that will convince you not to buy these tools.

Tea does not burn fat
No pills and tea there is no substances that can burn fat and calories. Therefore, taking these drugs desire to lose weight is not to be fulfilled never.

Provoke disorder
All of these devices operate on the principle of laxative speed up the excretion of food residues. So drinking a Cup of tea or a pill, the next couple of hours do not schedule any meetings – you will have to stay at home due to strong stomach disorders.

Lead to dehydration
Part of the tablets and tea for weight loss include diuretic components that promote the excretion of fluids from the body. Due to this, the scales show minus a few pounds. Excessive fluid loss leads to dehydration and metabolic disorders.

Provoke beriberi
Together with the fluid from the body washed out all the necessary for its normal functioning vitamins, minerals and trace elements. As a result, you will soon experience weakness and dizziness, you will notice peeling of the skin? hair loss and other signs of vitamin deficiency.

Due to the strong laxative and diuretic ingredients tea and diet pills will lead to permanent digestion and urination. Muscles, providing peristalsis and bladder contractions, because of constant stimulation from outside, will cease to perform its function.

Allow to “relax”
Noticing that the tea rids the body of unwanted remains of food, many decided to allow myself too much in power, serving more frequent with desserts, etc. Soon it turns out that to lose weight means still do not work, and the extra calories have already done their job.

Do not change habits
To lose weight and to keep it off, you have to review your eating habits and daily exercise. In particular, three times a week to exercise, eat healthy food, and a diet excluding all fatty, sweet and starchy foods. Tea is not able to inculcate these habits, so taking this drug has is that the placebo effect.

Not reduce appetite
Despite the beliefs of various funds in the form of pills and teas do not reduce appetite. They are absolutely no substances that can affect brain signaling hunger. Therefore, even while taking drugs you still have to monitor the size and number of servings and limit yourself to food.

Provoke rapid weight gain
Because weight loss products promote the excretion of stomach food “in transit”, the body does not receive the necessary nutrients. In addition, hunger occurs sooner than it would without the teas and tablets. Therefore, the weight is not lost, and Vice versa – is increasing.

Worsen kidney function
The composition of the teas and tablets includes a range of herbs that have diuretic and laxative effect. Individually, they are useful (if you don’t take long), and the combined overload the kidneys, from which they will soon fail to work.


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