The cruise ship had to return to port because of a fight on Board


Круизному лайнеру пришлось вернуться в порт из-за драки на бортуThe fight took place in the toilet queue.

Australian cruise ship had to return to the port of Sydney due to the outbreak on Board the fight. This is with reference to the New South Wales police reports

As reported, a conflict erupted between several passengers, who were waiting their turn in the toilet.

“In the fight 37-year-old woman accompanying one of the participating, hit 21-year-old man empty wine bottle, which led to cuts on the skin”, – militiamen told.

According to available information, only the fight was attended by six men and a woman, who upon return to port was delayed.

In addition, the passenger who struck a man with a bottle, was charged with injury and insults.

According to some, she is a Russian woman.


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