The crooks stole a St. Petersburg poet of 1.2 million rubles


Мошенники похитили у петербургского поэта 1,2 миллиона рублей

The scammers stole from 79-year-old St. Petersburg poet of 1.2 million rubles. On Friday, 4 November, reports news Agency “Operational cover”.

According to him, the crime occurred on 17 October, but a statement to the police the victim has filed only the day before.

The man, whose name was not called, has published poems in the magazine “Native Kuban” and went to the Bank to get a fee for them. On the street he was approached by a stranger who introduced Valerie, and asked for help. He said that he came from Bulgaria and plans to buy housing in the Northern capital. The money, according to Valera, he was to be transferred from the homeland, but to obtain them you need the presence of a Russian citizen.

The poet agreed to help, then took him in the car, where another man who introduced himself as Anton. He asked the St. Petersburg Bank card and passport, then allegedly called in Bulgaria, something discussed and stated that the accounts of the Russians before the operation is necessary to reset by removing all the money. The man agreed and visited with new friends two Bank branches. In the first he cashed in 320 thousand roubles, in the second, 840 thousand. One of the attackers helped him to count the money and in the process switched the bills.

Petersburger dropped off at the bus stop at the station “Streams”, where he discovered the theft of money.


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