The creators of League of Legends told about tournament mode Clash


Создатели League of Legends рассказали о турнирном режиме ClashClash is a system of tournaments for players of any rank.

Happens in life is: playing in a multiplayer game and want to test themselves in major competition, though went to the tournament with a prize of millions of money. But the trouble is — instead of hands, you have paws, so true eSports competitions you don’t Shine. In League of Legends such sufferers are offered new mode — Clash.

Clash is a system of tournaments for players of any rank. Every two weeks the inhabitants of League of Legends can join a team and fight for first place in an exciting contest. Battles are divided into grids. The farther you get, the more teams have to overcome. Important caveat — in the Clash available to all characters in the game, so problems with the choice will not.

For victory in the Clash to receive special awards, such as logos, banners and special capsules. The prizes — trophies. They are given for victory points. Your trophies will show off the nexus for two weeks in all your games in the Gorge.

To get in Clash, you need to show your ticket. It can be regular or premium, which is equal to five ordinary. For the winnings from the bonus ticket given the expanded set of awards. Tickets are awarded for in-game tasks or purchased for blue essence and RP.

Registration of the teams for the Clash opens on may 20. The first tournament will be held from 25 to 27 may. Details can be found on the official website and in the video below.


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