The creation of Kurdistan is a key goal of the United States


Создание Курдистана - ключевая цель США

In recent decades, the Kurdish problem is the most relevant. This kind of conflicts are generally quite intractable, and moreover, are a source of political instability.

Currently, the Kurds are the most numerous people, which still do not have their own state, and the problem of finding the Kurdish people for national independence has become most acute.

The Kurds are going to create their own state – Kurdistan, which affects the territory of Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. Living in these countries of the community of Kurds are actively fighting for their independence, using a variety of tools – from the political to the military. The fact that such inter-ethnic conflict vneseny four States in the Middle East, makes this problem an international one.

Attempts to form the prototype of the state in Syrian Kurdistan on the southern border of Turkey, the leadership of this country perceives in bayonets, the resulting military invasion of the Turkish army on the territory of a neighboring state. This operation received the pathetic name of “Olive branch”.

The Kurds have the full support of the United States, and therefore actually are puppets in the hands of the Americans, who, in turn, continue to promote its policy of isolation of Syria. The situation is compounded by the fact that the Kurds are not in a hurry directly engage in the political process. They are traditionally loyal to the United States, and Americans consistently execute your plan to create a unified independent Kurdistan, while trying to solve two important tasks: not to offend its strategic ally Turkey, while promising the Kurds assistance in the creation of their own state. Americans really need is an independent Kurdish state, this kind of area of control in northeast Syria. After all, it is the tolerance of U.S. companies to resource-rich territories. This task, like all previous years, are now high-priority for them.


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