The crash of Volokolamsk: Dozens of poisoned children and battered parents


Катастрофа Волоколамска: Десятки отравленных детей и избитых родителей

Desperate residents attacked Regardie

Until recently, Volokolamsk near Moscow have caused the Russians have two stable Association. First, he was known as a city of military glory. Secondly, reputed to be one of the most ecologically clean areas of Moscow suburbs, where the revered for good fortune to acquire a couple of country cottages at a higher price, the representatives of the Russian elite.

However, from 21 March 2018, this city has all chances to become a symbol of what is capable of our citizens, brought to the most extreme point of despair. Probably the first time in modern Russian history the authorities were directly attacked. The first victim of popular anger was the head of the region Evgeny Gavrilov, who received several blows. Second, it was felt the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov, exposed to fire snowballs. These officials are urgently arrived on a spontaneous protest arising from the Central hospital of the city after there hospitalized children affected, as I believe, through the release of landfill gas from the landfill is “Sound”. Then on the scene arrived several units of Regardie.

According to official data published by news agencies in the morning on March 21 at Volokolamsk was hospitalized about 50 students, seriously poisoned by nitrogen dioxide. But local residents claim that the scale of the tragedy so much more.

It is rather difficult to give an exact figure, — tells the inhabitant of Volokolamsk Anna B-WA, — because the supply of victims continued until late evening. If offhand, that together with the adults suffered at least about 180 people. Some were released immediately, some were asked to remain under observation in the hospital. Our mayor has assured, that unit is just two children, but in the direction of Moscow are periodically sent out of the carriage “Ambulance” with siren and flashing lights. God forbid if the health of victims deteriorates, then we are unlikely to control themselves.

“SP”: — What is happening in the Sound?

— At this time (21:40 GMT 21 March — ed.) people stand at the landfill. Some part had gone home, but many decided to stand around the clock, blocking the entrance to the landfill, because the other option we are left with.

“SP”: — What the officials said?

They say, and this information is replicate all progenerators media that the landfill will be closed on March 24. It’s a half-truth. Authorities are silent about that March 25 will launch a second map of the polygon, another 500 metres closer to town. She, according to authorities, the alleged were provided for a long time, but in fact it approved in 2014.

“SP”: — That is the site to stop the work will not be?

— Of course not. Just dumping in its new part.

“SP”: — How much do a smell?

In the night from 20 to 21 March, the people not that could not evacuate, they even get out of the house could not. Because the gas concentration was so high that literally ate the eyes. It was simply impossible to be outside.

“SP”: — You were trying to attract the attention of the authorities to the problem of emissions?

— Yes, we do this for several years. Each citizen is actually an activist. But lately the city is patrolled by employees of Regardie which rigidly dispersed all protests. For example, I myself suffered from their actions on March 7, when the authorities introduced a state of emergency due to greenhouse gas emissions. The action of the citizens was unauthorized, but getting permission was neither the time nor the patience. “Under the hand” has got 70-the summer pensioner. He was only saved by the fact that he had a heart attack and was taken away in an ambulance. But not one news Agency did not say a word.

“SP”: — the Official press releases say that the emissions from the landfill actually only slightly exceed the maximum permissible limits. We can trust them?

— No, this is a strong misrepresentation of the situation, the official results are biased. On the lab authorities under strong pressure. Independent experts, even in St. Petersburg as soon as they hear the word “Volokolamsk”, say they’ll call, and then report that they are not allowed to take samples of water and air of our city.

However, by some miracle of Volokolamsk, activists managed to analyze samples of water and air by an independent laboratory. Results they agreed to share with “SP”, only asked not to disclose these experts because, in their opinion, serious consequences from the authorities will not be forthcoming.

Reference “SP”. Residents of Volokolamsk protesting against the operation of the landfill “Sound” for several years. According to them, the landfill operates in violation of all sanitary regulations with the tacit permission of the officials. In early March the authorities of the Volokolamsk were forced to declare a state of emergency in the region due to emissions of landfill gas, however, the provincial government informed the citizens that the situation is under the strict supervision of specialists. On March 21 at the city hospital, addressed the students of educational institutions with complaints of nausea. The Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov said that the regional authorities are doing everything possible to close the landfill and to neutralize toxic emissions.

P.S. In the process of preparation of the material with the correspondent of “SP” has contacted residents of Balashikha. What they said about the current state of the landfill Kuchino, which became known throughout the country during the last “straight line” with the President of Vladimira Putin, makes, to put it mildly, suspicious.

— Officially, the polygon seems to be closed, — said the native of Moscow Vladimir. — First, there is an urgent installed a small torch, after which the representatives of the MOE solemnly assured us that by December (2017 — “SP”), all the smells will go away. However, this is not quite the expected happened, and then to the landfill brought in several times more powerful torch from somewhere in Europe. But his start to reverse the situation failed. The fact that even after the official closure of the landfill continued to accept waste. Don’t know how in the last few days, but recently on the ground came the dump trucks with mud from Nekrasovka. So Il there was quite a bit, and was the bulk debris — fragments of walls with tiles, broken building panels, brick fight, fittings. It all fell on top and crushed at the landfill. Now it is still kept as frozen. But as soon as the sun begins to bake, it will cover the entire Eastern suburbs, and about Moscow, I already did not say anything.

To the subject landfills of the Moscow region have repeatedly asked the presidential candidate Pavel Grudinin, saying that “the Constitution of the Russian Federation it is guaranteed that our citizens should live in normal environmental conditions. The Governor said: “give, I myself will command the environment” and for two years did nothing… there is No such that people have filled up some business, but he left workplace,” said Pavel Grudinin, inviting the Governor of the Moscow region, the first to solve the problem of garbage, and then “spend 5 billion on PR”. Just as many sparrows spent on the creation of its positive image, while the children of the suburbs suffocate from the stench.


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