The court refused to accept the claim Navalny to Putin


Суд отказался принять иск Навального к Путину

Tver district court of Moscow refused to accept the claim of politician Alexei Navalny to the Russian President Vladimir Putin. About this in Facebook wrote the lawyer of FBK Ivan Zhdanov.

On what basis the court dismissed the action, is still unknown. This Zhdanov stressed that the refusal to accept a claim “in any case” illegal, so Navalny will appeal against it.


November 3, the court has registered a lawsuit Navalny to Putin. The essence of the claims was the refusal of the authorities to coordinate the rallies. As explained Zhdanov, Navalny asked the court to recognize the illegal actions of the President, associated with mass failures of the authorities in the regions to coordinate actions.

According to the Navalny, he intends to prove that “all these illegal instructions given by Putin personally”.

“There is no doubt that the activities of this koordiniruyutsya from Moscow. Well, can’t the officials in all the cities to act is equally illegal without special instructions,” — said Navalny.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, in turn, said that the Kremlin does not give permission to hold rallies, because it is not his prerogative. The source of Rain in the administration of the President also assured that no instructions to ban the rallies, Navalny was not.


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