The court of appeal has banned Trump to block users on Twitter


The President of the United States Donald trump violated the Constitution when they blocked access to users of the social network Twitter to his page, decided the court of appeal.

The court of appeals in new York on Tuesday evening, July 9, declared unconstitutional a lock on President of the United States Donald trump access to his Twitter page to users with other views, according to the with reference to UNIAN.

The court concluded that the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution about the freedom of citizens prohibits the Trump to use the lock function to restrict access to his account, which is the 61.8 million followers.

In addition, the judge explained his decision by the fact that trump’s page in the social network contains all the attributes of the “official state account,” and “is one of the main means for the White house to conduct official work.”

According to the judge, trump and his aides they described the tweets of the President as official statements and the national archives of the United States considers them to be official records.

The U.S. Department of justice said that “disappointed with the court’s decision and are exploring possible next steps.” White house and Twitter declined to comment.

Lock users trump was appealed by the representatives of Columbia University and the seven Twitter users that he blocked.

The decision of the court of appeals in new York affirmed the verdict of the Federal court of Manhattan in may 2018. Then the court’s decision prompted trump to unlock some of the Twitter accounts.


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