The court heeded the request of ex-Senator Dzhabrailov “not to spoil his life”


Суд внял просьбе экс-сенатора Джабраилова "не портить ему жизнь"

The Tver court of Moscow has pronounced a sentence on business of the businessman Umar Dzhabrailov, started a fire in a Moscow hotel near the Kremlin. According to TASS, Dzhabrailov was found guilty and sentenced to a fine of 500 thousand rubles.

The defendant fully admitted his guilt. In this regard, the case was considered in a special order – without research of proofs and interrogation of witnesses.

In the debate of the parties the state Prosecutor asked for the defendant two years ‘ probation. However, the protection of Dzhabrailov and he asked me to make a less harsh sentence to a fine.

The defendant thus claimed that he repented and apologized to the injured party. “I have publicly and personally apologized to the party which is supposed to be injured”, – quotes words of the businessman and ex-Senator “the Media”.

He also said that he understands and acknowledges the arguments of the prosecution, but at the same time considers punishment in the form of a suspended sentence is “too harsh and unreasonable”. “It does not take into account my life and what I have done for the country”, – he said.

“I don’t want your decision ruined my life. I ask you to think about the appointment I fine,” he appealed to the judge Dzhabrailov.

After that, the judge of the Tverskoy district court Elena Ermakova announced the verdict. “I am pleased with the verdict, more than”, – commented on the verdict the defendant.

By the decision of the judges belonging to Dzhabrailov premium TT pistol and two shops thereto, shall be transferred to the bodies of internal Affairs. However, the ex-Senator said that the weapon will return to it.

Asked by journalists whether he intended again to take the gun in his hands, Dzhabrailov said, “Only if need be to defend the Homeland”.″ rel=”nofollow”>Суд внял просьбе экс-сенатора Джабраилова "не портить ему жизнь"” rel=”nofollow”>Суд внял просьбе экс-сенатора Джабраилова "не портить ему жизнь"Deco [email protected]


Umar Aliyevich, then what will you do?
— To live well, productively, confidently


Umar Dzhabrailov started shooting in the capital’s Four Seasons hotel near the Kremlin on August 29. Telegram-channel Mash reported that the reason was the dissatisfaction of the ex-Senator that dinner, he brought a maid, and not a waiter. Dzhabrailov was detained and then released under recognizance not to leave. In this regard, was suspended Dzhabrailov in the ruling party “United Russia”.

Dzhabrailov was given various explanations: first they said that shots into the ceiling were random, then told that the management and the hotel security wanted him to survive that allegedly provoked him as “a man shell-shocked”, “participant of military operations” in Chechnya.

Later Dzhabrailov added another explanation to existing accounts of what was shot because of anger at the greedy “Commerce”. According to the businessman, the shooting was preceded by its conversation with business men that he was asked to help a charity. They refused, although, according to ex-Senator, could help a needy organization, as they are billionaires.


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