The court determined how much “shit” among the Russian population


Well, well! I was not expecting to see another eleven years in our jurisprudence, but deeply mistaken. Casuistry reigns in the court of Russia.

The Ostankino district court of Moscow dismissed the lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity that the miners of the Rostov region filed to the head of VTSIOM Valery Fedorov and the TV channel “Rain”. This decision was made by judge Valery Bednyakov, the correspondent of RBC. The plaintiffs — a group of miners from the town of Gukovo, protesting against delays in salaries, and supporting the Director of the Center for economic and political reform Nikolay Mironov. They demanded that Fedorov to apologize for his response to the replica host Vladimir Solovyov on “2% of shit” during an interview on “Rain”.

The essence is this: On “Rain” was the transfer, in which Solovyov called the protesters against the government “crap” and estimated their number at two percent. The head of VTSIOM said in response that this “shit” — people with negative attitude to the policy of President Vladimir Putin and “partly to his person” is more about 15%.

The initiative group of Hooke’s miners nepoluchaetsa salary for three years, found that statement “an affront to numerous social groups, which opposes the injustice of the political and economic system of Russia and aspiring to change it.”

In court it was the opinion of the linguist who came to the conclusion that Fedorov offensive describe a specific group of individuals — the Russians opposed the current government.

The court declared: “it was about violation of honour and dignity, the disseminated information must be factual and not to be a judgment or assessment. They must be recognized as unreliable and, more importantly, they need to denigrate a specific individual who can be identified. In this case, there is no reason to believe that the plaintiffs directly affected by this statement.”

Such here parsley. To dance in the Church is to mock the feelings of believers, and to obtain dvushechku, and call 21миллион shit man – if you please each by name.

The plaintiffs asked the court to bring the lawsuit as a Respondent, Vladimir Soloviev, in which the court denied in part the proceedings in the current suit, the judge found it impossible. They also demanded to invite in court of the expert linguist. They were refused: “We all now speak in the Russian language, and we lack expert does not interfere. In your motions, the mass of commas and other punctuation, and we know what they mean and how to read them. The lawyer’s job is to establish the meaning of the legislation, which is also in Russian above”. The court decided to reject the petition because the suit did not require special knowledge.

One of the plaintiffs in court, said that “From the television depends on the mindset of our youth, so people should be responsible for the fact that there is pronounced,” to which the judge Bednyakov asked: “You probably cook at home?”. . “Of course.” “And if you hear on TV that many people don’t cook, you take it personally?”. “And why should I take this personally? It is their own business”.

After this dialogue, the court did its job, dismissed the action. The government, in the person of Fedorov and Soloviev made his – expressed their attitude to the citizens. The citizens of his case have not yet done.

Vladimir of Rostov.

And the hero of the story

 Суд определил, сколько "дерьма" среди населения России© Cyril Kallinikov / RIA Novosti Valery Fedorov


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