The course of Ethereum cryptocurrency was close to a record


Курс криптовалюты Ethereum приблизился к рекордному The value of the currency continues to grow.

The second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum approaches the historical record after the rating Agency Weiss was awarded this currency rating higher than that of bitcoin.

According to the website CoinMarketCap this morning Ethereum becomes more expensive by 6.2%, to 1.22 thousand dollars (the historical record is around the 1.42 thousands of dollars), bitcoin became cheaper by 1.8% to 11.57 thousands of dollars. On the stock exchange Bitfinex cryptocurrency has dropped in price by 2.6%, to 11.6 thousand dollars. On the stock exchange OKEx currency depreciated by 1.6% to 11.62 thousands. And according to Coindesk, the bitcoin fell in price by 2.3%, to 11.42 thousand dollars.

Us independent rating Agency Weiss Ratings has assigned a rating of Ethereum “B”, whereas bitcoin has received a rating below “C+,” reports CNBC. Lower bitcoin rating Agency explained that the largest cryptocurrency faces challenges network, which leads to delays and high cost of transactions.

Bitcoin, the TV channel review Agency has no direct mechanism for urgent modernization of code, reports “Prime”. None of the 74 cryptocurrency, according to the Agency, has not received the highest rating “A”. The highest of the ratings assigned (“B”), in addition to Ethereum, cryptocurrency got the EOS, the 9th-largest cryptocurrency on the market, the TV channel.

Also, according to CoinMarketCap, the cryptocurrency Ripple going up by 6.8% to 1.38 USD Bitcoin Cash 1.6% to 1.7 thousand dollars. Market capitalization of crypto currency is at the moment 584,71 billion dollars. The share of bitcoins — approximately 33% of the total market of cryptocurrencies, Ethereum — 20%, Ripple — 9%.

Meanwhile the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck reported paying compensation to users who suffered after the recent attack on the stock exchange. On Friday, the exchange stopped trading cryptocurrencies, besides bitcoin, on the background of media reports about the withdrawal from the wallets of users of digital currencies worth several hundred million dollars. Initially, the limitation was related to the cryptocurrency NEM. According to the exchange, the attack affects 260 thousand users, they will be paid 523 million NEM — more than $ 500 million.


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