The cost of the route “Tavrida” in the Crimea increased to 166 billion rubles


Стоимость трассы "Таврида" в Крыму выросла до 166 млрд руб

The cost of the route “Tavrida” in the Crimea may amount to 166 billion RUB 20 billion RUB more than the amount which Crimean officials have called a year ago. The final cost of the highway will be known after the results of the state expertise. Experts attribute the high cost of the “Tavrida” with difficult construction conditions and the lack of materials on the territory of Crimea.

The cost of construction of Federal highway “Tavrida” in the Crimea, can grow to 166 billion rubles. after obtaining the opinion of Glavgosexpertiza of Russia, said Deputy Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation Sergey Nazarov, quoted by TASS.

“It was the conclusion at a cost total of 168 billion rubles in the prices of corresponding years, are now at the conclusion of the examination, probably, it will be two billion less when the conclusion would be, let’s calculate what the cost will be in the prices of corresponding years, usually examination unreasonable costs always exclude”, – said Nazarov.

However, the Ministry of transport of the Crimea “Газете.Ru” could not confirm these figures, saying that I have not yet seen the conclusion of the examination.

“I know that the conclusion is ready, but to us it has not come yet. Expected it one of these days”, – said the representative office.

Comment on the cost of highway construction could not in a press-service “the head” of Crimea Sergey Aksenov. The employee of this Department said that Aksenov any statements about it did not.

It is noteworthy that the time of occurrence of results of state examination has been repeatedly postponed. So, in the summer of this year, the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Vitaly Nahlupin said that the examination will end on August 20. However, after some time, the official announced that her term was extended until 8 September.

“The delay is due to the great complexity of the project. In addition, some of the documents that we as customers had to prepare for this project, the need for change. We work together now these documents are correct,” claimed Nahlupin at the end of August.

8 September, the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that the construction project of the route was approved by Glavgosexpertiza, and that the value of the “Tavrida” will increase by 14 billion rubles But the final price of the Crimean part of the highway the Governor of the region then was not called. On the same day, Deputy Prime Minister Nahlupin said that information about the cost of the route will be announced on September 17.

At the designated time, data on the cost of the project for some reason has not appeared. In a conversation with “Газетой.Ru” September 18 Nahlupin said that earlier wasn’t talking about the 17th and on the 18th of September. However, no data appeared in the day.

President of the Association of road research organizations RHODES Oleg Skvortsov in an interview with “Газетой.Ru” he noted that to assess whether the announced figures correspond to the real costs of the construction of the track, is quite difficult.

“Prices for the same work in different regions may differ in 100 times. It should be noted that in the Crimea is quite complicated in terms of construction, this is due to several factors: first, the mountainous area, and secondly, in the Crimea, oddly enough, not of their materials, they have to bring from other regions”, – says Skvortsov.

According to him, the repeated change in the value of the “Tavrida” is connected first of all with imperfections used in the Russian system of pricing.

“The fact that we are already a quarter of a century living in new economic conditions, has shifted to the market economy, and the projects are evaluated by the rules that existed in Soviet times.

The estimates themselves are inaccurate, I mean the methodology, there are too many strings attached, price can ride in one, and in the other direction. Well, the instability of our economy also affected, of course. I don’t know any country in the world, which would be a quarter of a century lived in the crisis,” – said the expert.

Recall that in 2016, the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that the construction cost of the “Tavrida” will be 85 billion rubles., however, in a subsequent official statement at the St. Petersburg economic forum, the price increased by 43 billion and was equal to 128 billion rubles in the Summer of last year, Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea Oleg Kazurin reported that the cost of construction rose to 139 billion, these figures are later confirmed and Feldman.

Minister of transport of Russia Maxim Sokolov then claimed that the cost of construction of the “Tavrida” will not go beyond 140 billion rubles. in prices in 2016.

A large part of this sum – about 100 billion rubles will be allocated by the government from the Federal budget. The head of the government Dmitry Medvedev earlier, evaluating this sum, called her more than significant.

“We found the necessary funding for the construction of roads in full. The amount of over 100 billion rubles is such that it demands the most careful attention. The maximum price of the road, and already defined parameters adjustment can not be”, – he told, having demanded from the leadership of the Crimea personally monitor the progress of road construction on the Peninsula and their quality, and in the case of serious problems immediately to inform in law enforcement bodies.

The building work involved the St. Petersburg company ZAO “VAD”, which, interestingly, Feldman’s order appointed the sole contractor for the project.

The fact that in 2016, the Crimean government adopted a special procedure of public procurement, according to which the head of the Republic may appoint contractors without competition.

The track “Tavrida” will connect Kerch, where there is a construction site of a bridge across the Strait of Kerch, Sevastopol and Simferopol. The total length of the route will be 280 km project, it will be a four-lane road of the first category, where cars can accelerate to 120 km/h. Throughput of the highway is expected to reach 43 thousand vehicles per day.

The construction of the “Tavrida” started in mid-may of this year. In December 2018, simultaneously with the completion of the Crimean bridge, it is planned to finish the first phase of construction and open two lanes for the labor movement. The completion of the whole complex of works is planned for December 2020.

Aksyonov said earlier that after the completion of personal testing of a motorway, and will also invite the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to drive through the new highway.


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