The cost of the Apple iPhone X in Russia soared to 600 000 rubles


3 November in Russia and some other countries will start selling the new smartphone Apple iPhone X, which is already in deficit after only a day since the beginning of reception of pre-orders. Enterprising countrymen have come up with a way to capitalize on this – they offer to buy their new IPhones without a long wait, but their services asking quite a bit of money.

For those of you who didn’t pre-order the first kind the Russians have developed a service for the sale of the Apple ID, where this pre-order is already there, and it is worth exactly 20 000. There are other options: entrepreneurs will be awarded a brand new Apple iPhone X you right in the hands of almost a day worldwide release, if you will be charged double the cost of 100% for the smartphone and another 100% for the services of a realtor, saving time and a priceless opportunity to boast new tenth IPhone in front of colleagues, friends or acquaintances.

Well, if you want new Apple iPhone X without waiting, one of the residents of our vast country is ready to help you with this, however, in this case, Apple iPhone X will cost you some 600 000 rubles. Recall that by default, the smartphone costs 80,000 rubles for the version with 64 GB of internal memory, while the price of top version with 256 GB ROM is close to 100 000 rubles.


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