The correct hole is a success


I’m not experienced besmettelijk, just learning, and on occasions, particularly such as this.

In other words, I use the jig and devils equipped with beads Yes cambricum all the rules of benacazon, but they still hooked, at least until the hole not raskroetsya.

But the competition – no, no! The law is the law. No bloodworms, no baits! Only artificial materials. This is a contract.

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The spring sun rises early. Think, eyes to burn? Went to some shade to the shore, whose slender pine trees go up. There and started to catch.

Loaded drop-cube, but it proved itself in this season in smooth transactions with a wide amplitude. I got this jig a nod from a special metal long fit.

The first whale pulled soon enough at a depth of slightly more than a meter, but the other three with long pauses in the hole made in the neighborhood. I’ve used other bait, in particular, “Tula oatmeal” and “little devil” with a white bead on the fishing line.

All lures in the range of 0.35 grams. Used fishing line – 0,08 mm. the last Two whales at this point caught on Tula jig.


Photo: Alexey Trembitsky.

With such frequency of bites will not go away! Went along the shore more lucrative hole to look. But I was wrong, the depth of this coastline 25-35 cm, catch does not work. Yet from the ice sludge will remove all fish, even if there were, evacuated from the noise away.

Moved closer to the centre of the pond; there were a bunch of our. Not to interfere, within 5 metres of the colleagues did not come. Made the hole and dipped it all in the same Tula.

This lure has proved itself in the game with a short nod, no more than 5-6 see this nod was able to create melkogalechnye fluctuations while simultaneously lifting the bait (including stepwise, that is with pauses).

As tempting fish item used a piece of red gum from the child’s set for creativity, such erasers are used for weaving children’s bracelets. This outfit I personally like the bloodworms, I dare to suspect that fish too.

So, with this bait, I started to play almost in the center of the reservoir, at a depth of about 1.5 meters. From the very first transaction went perch. I have this on a small suburban modemsite pressed. That is, literally, one by one, was pulled seven fishes. One of them was a lively little roach! And again pause!

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Then drilled a hole beside the meter from “prolific”. And dipped out a bead from Swarovski. But the devil was obviously not held in high esteem, hardly brought me one small-caliber sailor (however, this size was all fish). Then again there was a lull. Not wasting any time waiting on empty, went to the neighboring that is, the initial hole – and again bite.

In General, the hours fished 14 fish. Plus two of the gathering (after the gatherings for a short time the bait is suspended). Most of the tails were pulled out of a hole! For competitive fishing is not much. When we are away from the capital and catch on the rich fish pond, so catch no surprise.

But the fishing of a different kind. And in such conditions my result I was frankly pleased. An activity I did not expect.

And yet after an hour of active fishing the source of the abundance dried up. While he gained strength, I darted to the opposite shore, taking the only hand spinning with a drop cube. By the way, the last time I tied this lure is not in a standard way, and so the lure was walking in the loop.

That is, insert the line into the eyelet and tied to it, forming a ring with a diameter of about 2-2. 5 cm, on which the bait is free to walk. Thus, allow the lure to be a private game.

In my opinion, this method of securing the bait has justified itself! Also on the line you can place a bead or beads. For example, I tried to put two beads – white (in the ring with the lure) and red above the knot loops. As I thought, these beads increase the number of bites.


Photo: Alexey Trembitsky.

But back to the other side. 20 minutes of effort yielded only one tail. Until the tournament was only a matter of minutes. And I returned to the most prolific of his hole and took Tula oatmeal (she obviously became a hit of the past season).

Just a minute before the finish line caught twenty fish. That was my personal record.

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The three winners, I did not get, but for the first time felt what it means to find the right hole! Came home inspired and joyful! Good end of the winter season turned out, bright, shining in the sky the sun.

However, who knows, maybe the next weekend winter still will not back down and the ice will retain its strength. Then there is a chance to meet again with solid water.

Let’s wait and see! Weather this year is extremely unpredictable.


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