The constitutional court of Moldova adopted the decision on the President Dodon


Конституционный суд Молдовы принял решение по поводу президента ДодонаThe court temporarily suspended the powers of the President.

The constitutional court of Moldova on 2 January 2018 has temporarily suspended the authority of the President Igor Dodon. The court made such decision at the request of a group of deputies from the ruling coalition.

It is reported that this decision due to the fact that last week he again rejected the proposed Prime Minister candidates of five Ministers and two Deputy Prime Ministers. According to the legislation, the President has the right to reject nominations only once. “The constitutional court ruled that the duties of the President temporarily transferred to the Chairman of Parliament or Prime Minister. In the next few days one of them will sign decrees about the appointment of new members of the government”, – stated in the message.

Stated that in late December, deputies from the ruling coalition appealed to the constitutional court on behalf of the Parliament’s Commission for legal issues, appointments and immunity inquiry in which asked “to state the circumstances in which you need temporary performance of duties of the President the Chairman of Parliament or Prime Minister.”

According to the Moldovan legislation, the President may reject proposed candidates, but only once. If the Prime Minister re-nominated the same candidate, the President must sign the decree of appointment. If the President, and after repeated extensions will not sign the decree, the relevant powers are transferred to the Chairman of Parliament who can sign Executive orders instead of the President.


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